When brains stop working: a thought on thoughts.

I lied, this will be much more than a thought.  I’m long-winded.  Or long-typed.  Whatever.

I am sick and tired of people thinking and speaking in absolutes.  It is narrow-minded, lazy, hyperbolic, disingenuous, and probably a few more big words I’m not remembering right now.  It has come to a point where our entire society thinks this way by default, and it is horrifically damaging to our group intellect as a whole.
Part of the blame goes to the way we receive information.  News outlets far and wide have elected to present only two sides to an argument, when in reality there’s usually multiple sides to any problem complex enough to warrant discussion.  Even when there are only two sides, oftentimes one side of many arguments is so stupid and unnecessary that it’s clear we’re just seeing a debate or argument for the sake of entertainment.
Part of the blame goes to our fast-paced, time-crunch society.  There are so many ways to receive information now, but many of those methods aren’t real information.  If someone based their knowledge of the world only on what Twitter and Facebook tells them (and there are many that do), that knowledge will be lacking or extremely biased.  However, many feel that’s enough.  People want to get back to doing things.  Once they receive just a little information, many just check that box off in their head that reads “got news, no more needed” and go about their day.  Which is fine, until people start conversing and debating under the pretense that they’re informed, when all they have in their brain is the equivalent of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.
The rest of the blame simply goes to the base methods of which our minds work.  Fallacies such as confirmation bias have a wide, profound effect on conversation, debate, and argument.  Much of this is based on emotion, the great villain to logic.  Not to sound Vulcan, but while our emotions are valuable to the meaning of human existence, they’re fucking terrible at trying to be smart.  This is largely because most emotion-channeled thought is based upon negativity, which will inevitably lead one down very fallacious paths of thought, or ones that are wholly necessary.
What I’m trying to say is this:

– Getting impassioned about “welfare mommas” is stupid to begin with, if only because there are much larger fish to fry in our economy than a few poor people who have gamed the system.

– Assuming there’s only two sides to the gun issue in America is stupid, because there is no simple solution to the problem, and one side barely acknowledges a problem in the first place.  The other side often posits a solution that would result in more bloodshed than what we have.
– Presenting a two-sided argument to global climate change is stupid, since 97% or more of the scientific community have acknowledged humans as responsible.  Representing the 3% as one-half of a debate is like giving a national voice to a holocaust denier.
– Assuming that one side is always right or wrong about everything is stupid.  There’s no other word for it.  Even the craziest person will have a drop of wisdom, and even the smartest wizard will have a dumb opinion on something.
– Stop being stupid.  Do some research.  Make yourself smarter.  Don’t make assumptions.  Don’t take a fucking meme as gospel.  As for some fucking proof before you take someone’s word for something.

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