Faith No More: Holy Shit, What a Great Band.

Faith No More released their first album in 18 years today.  I was barely through half the album and I was prepared to go and actually purchase a physical copy of it just so I could erect a shrine to its greatness.  Then I finished the album, and I think I have, through sheer happiness and joy, ascended to a higher plane of existence where Mike Patton sings my lullaby’s and rock music is good again.

While just a good album shouldn’t necessarily be a crowning achievement, it feels that way considering the context.  Most bands who reunite after a long hiatus end up sounding like a shadow of their former selves, both falling short of previous quality and exceeding a level of self-reference that makes the band essentially a caricature of itself.

However, Faith No More has managed to create an album different from their previous work that manages to still sound like the band that left us almost two decades ago.  Hard rock/metal riffs interwoven with eclectic asides and a sprinkling of insanity; the “formula” is still there, but it’s just more of it.  It’s as if they all stepped into a time machine.

It’s excellent.

It’s miraculous.

I still can’t believe we have an excellent Faith No More album in 2015.  It’s like Christmas and Easter gave birth to a new holiday, who then married Halloween and invited Thanksgiving to live with them.

I feel like I’m just gushing at this point, but it’s always near-intoxicating when there are high expectations and they’re then shattered without doubt.

Faith No More is back, everyone.  And they’ll probably make us wait another 18 years again.  I can be okay with that.

p.s. It’s still early since I’m still fully digesting the new album, but with a gun to my head I put Sol Invictus as their third-best, behind King for a Day and Angel Dust.  Though ranking Faith No More albums is like trying to rank candy; it’s all sweet, people.

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