Outside of smarmy FB/Twitter comments, this is it for my political leanings this year.

Presidental election.  Choices.  Debates.  Stats.  Figures.  Fact-checking.  Positioning.  Spinning.  Bullet points.  Economy.  It’s all so fucking exhausting.

I’m going to make this simple.  I could easily spend thousands of words professing why you should vote one way, or trying to convince people about “the way it really is” or whathaveyou.  But this year’s election comes down to two major points, and to me the choice is really simple.

ONE: Civil rights.  The winner of this election will likely pick one or two Supreme Court Justices, who will help shape the law in our country until they’re dead.  Romney/Ryan have, on multiple times, come down against women’s and gay’s rights.  They want to push fundamentalist Christian/Mormon doctrine into law, which is a violation of our Constitution.  Currently homosexual people can’t get married in most states, and the women’s right to make choices concerning her own body have been embattled for some time.  To me, any fair-thinking, right-minded person who can rub two brain cells together can see that women and homosexuals are being discriminated against, and that is flatly, undebatedly wrong in a country that claims freedom and justice for all.

TWO: Economy.  Much has been made about how “this doesn’t look like a recovery” and that Obama/Biden’s policies haven’t picked up enough economic growth in 4 years.  This is complete silliness.  A wand can’t be waved to fix an economy.  There have been improvements, and they are solid, real incremental positives that will prove to be a good foundation for years to come.  Romney/Ryan’s policies are nothing new; they are the same top-down, corporate-friendly, trickle-down insanity that has been pushed on us for the majority of the last 30 years.  Helping the rich does not help the poor.  This has been proven in my lifetime.  The definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over.

Obama is not perfect.  Far from it.  But he is alarmingly, incredibly better than Romney/Ryan.  Obama, at worst, will try new things.  Romney will just be trying the same things that haven’t worked for decades.

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