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Am I writing again?  Will I actually update this on a reasonable schedule?  Will this be yet another speck of my online identity, to be forever lost in Google’s spiderweb?  Maybe, I don’t know.  We’ll see.

I’ve taken steps to make this as accessible and easy for me as possible; I’ve bookmarked WordPress and everything.  I also have a WP app on my tablet and phone, so the ability to post random thoughts is there.  We’ll see if I utilize it.  History says I won’t.  But I’ll try.

 Who will even care, anyways?  Maybe that’s the point.  How confusing. 

I think this might be an outlet for me to carve my thoughts into something sharp and usable.  Maybe it’s a step to be taken on my way to considering the possibility of internally approaching the logistics of taking the chance of thinking about trying stand-up comedy, something that’s munched on my cerebellum for years.  I’ve waffled between “I can do that!” and “There’s no WAY I could do that!” for years.

Why would writing help my ability to talk in a microphone though?  I’ve always said I write like I talk; maybe it’s the other way around.  Maybe it’s some sort of brain-thingy where my ability to write will unlock creative parts of my face that will help fuel potential on-stage hilarity.  Maybe I’m just really dumb.

It’s all so confusing.

Anyways, I’ll be posting here.  Maybe. 

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